Contact me at info@elisavaretti.com
Visual DevelopMENT ARTIST and CHILDREN'S BOOK illustrator with unbound passion for visual storytelling.
Graduated at Nemo Academy, Florence, in Entertainment Design and Illustration where she learned to adapt her style to clients' requests and multiple products. 
In the meantime, she worked for a marketing agency as a graphic designer where she learned how to work on multiple projects at the same time, to interact with clients and to communicate in a team.
Prior to her Art studies she graduated in Architecture and Landscape Architecture and had some work experiences in Lisbon, London and Florence. 
Her main focuses are background painting and visual development, but she also loves card design and children's illustration.

2023 | Shortlisted for Annual 2023 by Autori di Immagini
2022 | WIA Mentee for VisDev for Live Action/Animation (Mentor: Vicki Pui)
2022 | Shortlisted for Annual 2022 by Autori di Immagini
2020 | Winner of the Nemo Talent Scholarship
2020 | 2nd prize "Character Design" Competition at Nemo Academy
2020 | 2nd prize "Poster Design" Competition at Nemo Academy
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